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Job Seeker

Get your dream job with Skills IT

What’s the best job you have ever had? When we ask people this question, they often talk about a job where they worked with great people or where the job was really interesting or where they were well-paid.

With Skills IT, we focus on getting you all three: a great position, working within an organisation where you will fit in and where you will be financially rewarded.

How do we achieve all this?We do it by focusing on people and matching our job seekers to the right kind of jobs. This means we find out the kind of positions and working environments that you most value, and focus all our efforts in finding you a job you will love.

Regardless of which area of IT you work in, whether it's Hardware Engineering, IT Sales, IT Training, Systems Management, Middleware & EAI, Mobile Engineering, Network Administration or anything else – we will make sure it's the right position for you.